June 19, 2024


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10 Reasons Why Educators Are Investing In Digital Marketing Courses

A niche advertising segment has been created by online culture where it is hard to find expertise. A very unique skill set is required by digital marketing that can vary significantly from one position to the next. Hiring specialists at a branded content agency is a trend that is continuing to increase with 44% of companies seeking to hire an increased number of marketers over the last two years.

1. Professional Development Is Driven By Digital Marketing

As the demand for digital talent continues to increase, there also has been an increase in digital marketing hires.

One year saw a 19% increase in digital experts. This area of digital expertise will continue being in demand, with the report showing that 42% of those who were hired were permanent positions.

US digital skills, in fact, are driving the market of professional development, which is forecasted to reach $8.5 billion by the year 2020.

2. High Demand for Digital Marketing Skillsets

50% of the companies that were surveyed that had hiring plans for this year include digital marketing expertise with the following required skills:

Lead generation
Content curation and creation

Those skills are not unique just to digital marketing jobs. They also will be continuing to spread into traditional advertising positions as well.

This will make it increasingly important for professionals in the industry to seek out training in order to remain valuable and relevant in a job market that continues to change.

3. Skills Gap

Most of the skills that are required in traditional advertising and marketing positions have become over-saturated within the market. Those skills range from product marketing to analysis and research.

This is a very wide gap with a 24% supply and 56% demand for talent. In terms of creative skillsets, there is only a 27% supply for a 35% demand.

The European Commission reports that the use of digital has increased over the past five years in 90% of workplaces. The skills gap is growing more prominent, and 38% of employers are discovering that performance is being impacted by this lack of skills, including a 46% reduction in productivity.

Also, 88% of workplaces have admitted that they haven’t taken any measures to improve this skill gap inside of their companies.

4. Smartphone Invasion

The smartphone invasion simply cannot be escaped, along with its predominant use in every area of communication.

Statista figures show an astounding worldwide use of smartphones:

UAE: 3.9 million users
Australia:19.4 million users
Hong Kong: 5.6 million users
Singapore: 4.3 million users
USA: 260 million users

This same report forecasted that by 2020, the number of smartphone users is estimated to rise to 3 billion people.

5. Digital Invasion

A digital invasion is taking over every aspect of communication, which makes it the best method for reaching an audience.

Digital marketing jobs must support social media advertising as it keeps growing. According to the recent report from Hootsuite and We Are social, in 2018 social media use on the leading platforms saw nearly 1 million new users on a daily basis, with 3 billion individuals using social media each month around the world.

The following are the most revealing figures from this report:

A 4% year-on-year increase in mobile phone users
A 13% year-on-year increase in social media users
A 7% year-on-year increase in internet users


Demand for digital marketing expertise will continue to increase, which will leave lots of teaching opportunities for training providers as well as colleges and universities.

With the current workforce not having the required skills to contribute meaningfully to digital marketing efforts, there will be an increased interest in having digital marketing courses available which for educators will make it well worth investing in them.