20 TV Moments You Totally Forgot Happened in 2020

Often, a year feels more like an complete ten years. 

2020 has been a single of the strangest yrs most of us have lived through, with a lot of of us dividing it into the before—January, February and the 1st 50 percent of March—and the after—all the rest. Everything that took place in the before feels like it took place yrs in the past and the passage of time has not designed sense at any stage due to the fact. It could possibly still be March, but March could possibly have been 5 yrs in the past. Who’s to say? Possibly it truly is both! 

In spite of the pandemic, a total whole lot of items managed to come about on Television this year and we have forgotten most of them. To enable both you and ourselves keep in mind, we have occur up with a list of 20 Television moments that could possibly have entirely slipped your head, or that you could possibly have assumed took place in a totally distinctive year. 

Of study course, this is just 20 of them since it truly is simply extremely hard to make a list of all the items we forgot. That would be a very long list!