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However it will likely be fallacious to decide on only beauty and glamour as the parameters for determining the popularity of the Hollywood actresses. All these actresses are proficient. Even in unconventional not-so-feminine roles like that of a lesbian boxer as performed by Hilary Swank in Million Dollar Child (2004), the eponymous tough warrior within the Lara Croft movies played by Angelina Jolie, the androgynous character of Virginia Woolf in The Hours (2002) played by Nicole Kidman with prosthetic make-up � the Hollywood girls have proven their superb expertise for acting. The roles fetched them several awards and have elevated manifold their popularity and worldwide recognition.

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He tries to keep up a good relation together with his film administrators, movie producers, technicians and all the co-stars, he has labored with. Individuals have acknowledged his work as a tv host and as a producer. Shah Rukh Khan is … Read More