Chinese Missiles on the Moon in R.H. Johnson’s 13th Thriller

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up-to-date: Mar thirteen, 2020 09:00 EDT

R.H. Johnson’s guides practically always browse like entrance-site information, but his 13th novel, The China Mandate, carries the effort to a frightening new amount, according to Hampton, Westbrook Publishing, the book’s distributor. The year is 2020, and China is speedy equipping its thoroughly functional moonbase with nuclear missiles that will focus on a dozen U.S. cities.

“There’s absolutely nothing fictional about China’s technological know-how ambitions,” Johnson states. “Their approach is to direct the way in area colonization, in quantum computing, and in artificial intelligence. All three of those efforts have alarming armed service prospective that couple Individuals identify, and I hope my hottest novel opens some eyes.”

The China Mandate attributes a black-ops organization whose star performer, ex-Navy SEAL Travis Delta, tackles assignments that the U.S. federal government is prohibited by regulation from dealing

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