The Subversive Gardener Launches Campaign for Sustainable Stay-at-Home Gardening During COVID-19 Pandemic

Press Release

updated: May possibly 18, 2020 ten:00 EDT

The Subversive Gardener announced today that on April 27, 2020, it launched a viral campaign to promote sustainable indoor gardening. Employing the hashtag, #HarvestAtHome, the Brooklyn-based mostly firm is connecting New Yorkers with a world wide motion of newbie gardeners discovering inventive ways to grow their have food stuff. 

Amidst issues of generate availability, food stuff squander, and continue to be-at-household rules, curiosity in gardening and farming is experiencing a increase. Seeds and gardening applications are flying off the cabinets nearly as quick as flour and yeast. For New Yorkers with limited entry to applications, house, or soil, inventive solutions are essential. 

This is in which the Subversive Gardener and its world wide network of guerrilla gardeners and agricultural professionals appear in.

Linked through #HarvestAtHome, LA’s Gangsta Gardener, Ron Finley, shown ways to

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