William L Frame’s New Book ‘Worlds Apart’ is a Riveting Saga of an Unexpected Encounter Across Time and Worlds

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current: Sep thirty, 2020 06:00 EDT

​William L Body, a retired gentleman who lives a tranquil lifetime in Mt. Vernon, Washington has concluded his most current guide “Worlds Apart”: a gripping and potent tale that follows Jennifer’s journey as she finds herself in a weird area where she encounters a lone hunter who assisted her on a new lifetime away from her chaotic past, but tiny did she know that that past nonetheless looms.

William writes, “Heiress to the legacy of her father’s throne, Jennifer Hendricks fled a lifetime she experienced no need to inherit, staging her loss of life with the support of her mother’s most trustworthy agents in a very publicized terrorist assault on the royal estate where she grew up. Amid the chaos, Jennifer was secretly smuggled aboard the Fulcrum, a colonial starship making ready for a

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