Rebecca Soriano’s anxious artwork is the perfect portrait of our collective trauma | Revel in the Details

Artistic responses to the activities of 2020 are wide and different. Creatives have lambasted the previous president, reacted to issues of social justice, and recorded the panic, sorrow, and loneliness of the pandemic.

Like that of her counterparts everywhere you go, the perform of Rochester artist Rebecca Soriano is imbued with the bewilderment that has befallen all of us in excess of the very last calendar year, like superimposed sock and buskin masks symbolizing comedy and tragedy in the theater.

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  • “How Lots of Times Do We Have Left” by Rebecca Soriano.

Her portraits are exaggerated, semi-abstract faces that are much more reflections of a human’s inner earth than the meticulously guarded faces we use close to. Her folks are grotesque or they are lovely, but either way, something’s off with them. No matter if sensitive, specific graphite portraits or violent sprays of airbrushed pigment

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