June 13, 2024


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3 Ways to score vintage-inspired ephemera for journaling and collage

3 Ways to score vintage-inspired ephemera for journaling and collage

If you like the notion of using vintage ephemera in your creations and possibly don’t have entry to any where you are, I’m sharing 3 strategies to score classic-influenced ephemera for journaling and collage.

Why do persons love accumulating and making with classic ephemera?

Nicely, classic ephemera is paper treasure. It’s a way to get a glimpse into the past.

What helps make it so attractive to operate with? Often these papers have attractive typography and types, supply interesting specifics and illustrations, and can be fairly beneficial. On the functional side, ephemera is commonly modest, simply sent as a result of the mail, and uncomplicated to retail store simply because it’s flat.

If you like the thought of employing classic ephemera in your creations and maybe really do not have accessibility to any the place you are, here’s what you can do about it.

My initially idea is to look for and obtain papers in a “vintage style” all over you.

For example, maintain your paper-fodder eye open up at the grocery retail outlet. Below are some examples.

  • Trader Joe’s flyer
  • D’arbo – jam labels, Late July – crackers
  • wine bottle labels

My next idea for getting a keep of classic ephemera is to trade it.

There are so many artwork teams on the internet. The greatest assortment of teams I can consider of is on Facebook. I don’t have any tips for precise teams. You’d have to do some investigate to see what is the proper fit for you. You also have to consider about what you could potentially offer.

I made my possess group, off of Fb, and it is referred to as the Collage Art Collective. I have acquired a spot inside of the place you can uncover others to trade papers with.

If you are not intrigued in seeking on the net teams, test your local neighborhood to see if any artwork teams fulfill. This could be by your library or local community center.

You can also go through extra solutions I’ve penned in a blog site article about in which you can come across classic ephemera.

My third suggestion for acquiring vintage ephemera is to make your own.

“Wait a minute”, you may well be considering. “If I make it, doesn’t that mean it’s not vintage?” Indeed, it does, but that is alright simply because, you can make incredibly innovative items in a classic design that will operate just as effectively, if not better, than the true thing. Let me exhibit you.

  • stamp on previous textbook paper
  • stamp on tea bags or use them as an overlay
  • napkin stamping
  • inking
  • printing ephemera

a metal ring holds a stack of vintage scrap papers

I talked about that building your individual ephemera could be even far better than the real point. What do I signify by that? I say that simply because you can make changes or modifications for particular projects you are doing work on.

I hope this provides you some tips for attaining your personal ephemera. If you have any other solutions or advice, enable me know in the comments.