July 13, 2024


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A Review of Musicnotes – Digital Sheet Music Dealer

A Review of Musicnotes – Digital Sheet Music Dealer

Are you a musician? Can you find the sheet music you want? If you are anything like me, then the answer is no. Although the town I live in isn’t that small, there still isn’t a large selection of stores when it comes to music. There is only one small music store that I go to (and only on rare occasions) when I need something immediately, like guitar strings for example.

When I want to buy sheet music though, that little shop isn’t much help. There is only a small selection of sheet music for the most popular genres and most popular instruments. If you want to play Beethoven piano arrangements then you are fine, but if you want something else then you are out of luck.

I couldn’t find what I wanted in my area, so shopping online was my only alternative. After trying different online sheet music dealers I finally came across one that I really liked-Musicnotes. This website offered instant digital sheet music and I thought it sounded cool, but wasn’t sure how “digital” music works.

I found out that it was really easy to do it though. In order for the digital sheet music to work, you do need to have special sheet music software, but you can download that for free on the Musicnotes website. After downloading the free software I began searching through the music database. It was completely different from my local music store!

This site has thousands of songs to download the sheets for, and in many different genres. The quality of the site is great and I have never had interest in buying from a local store again. It is easy to buy exactly what I want and I don’t even have to leave the house. I can find a song, download the sheet music, and learn it right away.

At first I was leery about the musicnotes player software, but now love it! It has many features that help you to learn songs such as being able to transpose, change the tempo, or learn one part of the song at a time.

The only downside I can see with this program is that you have to be on a computer for these features to work. But, if you want you can print off the sheet music like you normally would. Since I use a digital piano, I usually just slide that up next to my computer so I can use the software though, it really is a big help.