July 13, 2024


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Applying Eastern Philosophy To Help You Find Inner-Peace And Happiness – Part 1

Applying Eastern Philosophy To Help You Find Inner-Peace And Happiness – Part 1

Have you ever stopped to question if and how you could live a life that was more meaningful? Do you seek inner-peace, happiness and a sense of fulfillment?

Of course you have! Everyone asks these questions at some point in their lives. The problem for most is they have become to accustomed to the Western way of living!

We live in an age where technology does the thinking for us, where we never really stop and take the time to seek fulfillment and peace.

Essentially we have lost that connection with ourselves, others and even planet Earth and the universe that are the gate-keepers to all life! If you seek a deeper understanding of life, yourself and a deeper sense of spirituality then Eastern philosophy may aid you in your quest.

Eastern philosophy dates back thousands of years and offers a traditional yet for many a new approach to a deeper and more meaningful understanding of life with its unique spiritual approach to self-consciousness and awareness.

It’s not strictly religion based although there are spiritual groups based on these beliefs such as Buddhism. Basically anyone can apply Eastern philosophy in their lives regardless or sex, race, religion or belief system.

I myself am Zen Buddhist by choosing yet I follow no form of religion, I am atheist so to speak. Eastern spiritual practices aren’t mandatory, people can apply theses philosophies and beliefs in their own life at their own choosing and discretion.

A deeper Understanding Of Eastern Philosophy

Are you familiar with the term “Enlightenment“?

“Enlightenment” is an ancient Eastern philosophy that carries significant meaning in certain cultures. It is also well known throughout Western civilization and has been referenced in many books and writings.

The term enlightenment itself is a state of being that very few people actually achieve! Anyone considered to be “enlightened” is said to have experienced a spiritual awakening and to be at a state of content and peace with both their-selves and others.

The Buddha (Siddhartha Gautama) was one of few who reached enlightenment and it was from his teachings that enlightenment became more widespread and slowly introduced into the Western world.

There are many individuals (including myself) who follow the teachings of the Buddha with the intent and purpose of becoming ever more enlightened.

Walking the path to enlightenment is very much a personal and spiritual journey that is different for everyone. We all have different ideologies of peace and fulfillment which is why Eastern philosophy can aid anyone.

When it comes to applying Eastern Philosophy there are many teachings and practices one can learn but the most widely recognized in the Western world is (in my opinion) meditation and natural healing. Karma also has its roots in Eastern traditions and is likewise recognized in the Western world.

Applying these philosophies in your own life can help you seek that inner-peace, happiness and sense of fulfillment we all desire. Even just a basic understanding of these philosophies can help you live more enriched life.