Documentary reveals why Brits refuse to eat American meats

Brits are turning up their beaks at American hen.

Microbiologist Lance Cost, a professor at George Washington University in Washington, DC, has embarked on a 5-12 months examination of bacterial contamination in American livestock. Not too long ago, he shared his results for UK’s Channel 4 software “Dispatches,” which aired Sunday.

When compared with farms in the United kingdom, Cost uncovered that pork from pigs elevated in the US is up to six occasions extra likely to be contaminated with salmonellosis, the micro organism that leads to salmonella infection, as shut to thirteen% of samples tested coming from the US contained the diarrhea, fever and cramp-inducing bacterium. Whilst indicators commonly last about a 7 days, about 26,500 victims out of an estimated one.35 million bacterial infections just about every 12 months in the US will end up in the clinic thanks to the disease and 420 will die, according to

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