December 9, 2022


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B.C. food recalls: Tahini, halva/halawa, noodles, and gyoza recalled for undeclared allergens or Salmonella

Here are a number of food products distributed in British Columbia that the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) announced recalls for in recent weeks.

These products are being recalled either for undeclared allergens or the potential presence of Salmonella

Anyone who has any of these affected products should dispose of them immediately, or return them to the place of purchase.

Anyone with allergies to any of the identified allergens should avoid consuming these specific products, as it could result in a serious or even life-threatening reaction.

The CFIA announced on July 9 that Halvana North America initiated a recall for several of its hummus products, due to undeclared sesame seeds.

The recall includes the following Halvana products, which are all sold in 175 gram quantities and include all codes for products without sesame declared on the label:

  • Hummus Classic Recipe, with UPC 8 81366 00221 7;
  • Hummus Green Olives, with UPC 8 81366 00224 8;
  • Hummus Chili-Za’tar, with UPC 8 81366 00223 1.

These products were distributed across Canada.

On July 13, the CFIA stated that New World Natural Foods began a recall for some of its tahini products (sold in 365 gram quantities) due to undeclared nuts.

One is its New World Organic Sesame Tahini—Raw, with UPC 0 59443 40073 1 and codes “LOT# 201573 Best Before 30 JUL 2022”, which contains undeclared almond.

The second is its New World Organic Black Sesame Tahini with UPC 0 59443 40076 2 and codes “LOT# 201844 Best Before 30 JAN 2022”, which has undeclared almond and cashew.

These products were distributed in B.C., Alberta, Ontario, and Quebec.

Canadian Food Inspection Agency

Meanwhile in a separate and ongoing recall, a different company is recalling its brand of halva/halawa and tahini due to potential contamination with Salmonella.

A food recall that originally began on June 14 and included several updates, has since expanded to encompass numerous products, all sold nationally.

Phoenicia Group Inc. is recalling Al-Rabih brand Halva/Halawa and Tahini, and an updated list was issued on July 23.

The recall includes the following products, with all lot codes containing 19620 up to and including 36020:

  • Halva/Halawa—With chocolate, with UPCs 7 70338 10058 0 (200 grams), 7 70338 10065 8 (454 grams), and 7 70338 10060 3 (907 grams);
  • Halva/Halawa—Plain light (454 grams) with UPC 7 70338 10064 1;
  • Halva/Halawa—With pistachios, with UPCs 0 62356 54452 2 (200 grams), 7 70338 10057 3 (454 grams), 7 70338 10056 6 (907 grams), and 5 281003 552580 (2.5 kilograms);
  • Halva/Halawa—Plain/Traditional, with UPCs 0 62356 54451 5 (200 grams), 7 70338 10055 9 (454 grams), 7 70338 10054 2 (907 grams), and 5 281003 552085 (2.5 kilograms);
  • Tahini (100% Sesame)—Sesame Paste, with UPCs 0 62356 54450 8 (200 grams), 7 70338 10053 5 (454 grams), 7 70338 10052 8 (907 grams), 5 281003 551101 (4.54 kilograms), and 5 281003 551187 (18 kilograms).
Canadian Food Inspection Agency

Anyone who becomes ill after consuming one of these products should contact a doctor.

Food that’s contaminated with Salmonella may not appear to be or smell spoiled, but can still make a person sick.

Symptoms can include fever, headache, vomiting, nausea, abdominal cramps, and diarrhea.

This recall was triggered by CFIA test results.

As of July 23, there weren’t any illnesses reported in association with consumption of this product.

Canadian Food Inspection Agency

The CFIA stated on July 16 that a recall was launched for Galanlang brand Lanzhou Noodles. The product is being recalled for two undeclared ingredients, which are allergens: sesame and soy.

The affected product, distributed in B.C. and Alberta, is sold in a 189 gram cup with UPC 6 957110 700211 and code 2020/11/07.

The CFIA did not provide an image of the affected product.

Canadian Food Inspection Agency

The CFIA originally announced on July 16 that Seoul Trading Corporation is recalling its HanSang brand of gyoza but updated the announcement on July 19 include further product information.

The specified product is being recalled because it contains two undeclared allergens: coconut and milk.

The recall, which was triggered by a recall in another country, pertains to HanSang Gyoza—Pork and Vegetable, sold in 680 gram packages with UPC 7 61898 71329 7 and bearing all best before dates from 04.02.2023 up to and including 06.23.2023.

This product was sold in B.C., Alberta, and Manitoba.

As of July 19, there hadn’t been any reported reactions linked to the consumption of the product.