Chinese Government’s role in ‘Mulan’ production called into question

A bipartisan team of U.S. lawmakers would like to know what position China played in Disney’s are living-action remake of “Mulan–” and to what degree the studio was informed of human rights violations at filming areas.

In accordance to the movie’s credits, elements of “Mulan” were filmed in the northwest region of Xinjiang, wherever China has detained Uighur Muslims in mass re-instruction camps.

The backlash versus Disney for cooperating with China in the midst of all those camps has been expanding.

The new lawmakers’ letter urges Disney CEO Bob Chapek to clarify the Chinese government’s position in the film’s creation, Entertainment Weekly reviews.

“Disney’s clear cooperation with officials of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) who are most liable for committing atrocities — or for masking up all those crimes — is profoundly disturbing,” lawmakers wrote in their letter to Disney.