March 20, 2023


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‘Cinderella’: The fairytale vs. Camila Cabello movie

A woman in a dark dress looks menacing

Idina Menzel plays Ella’s stepmother, Vivian, in “Cinderella.”

(Kerry Brown / Amazon)

The next morning, Ella is visited in the basement by her stepmother, Vivian, (Idina Menzel), who shares that she made use of to enjoy piano and put in a month at a famous conservatory. “When I returned, my partner, he considered authentic wives did not act so frivolously,” Vivian says with tears in her eyes. “You might believe me cruel, but the authentic cruelty would be for me to make it possible for you to imagine you can be a thing you just can’t.” Vivian then spots the leftover glass slipper and tries to influence Ella to marry Prince Robert right after all, as a signifies of fixing their financial difficulties.

Cannon added this Vivian backstory for the reason that “I didn’t want there to be any ‘evil’ in the movie at all. Vivian had these goals, and her spouse divorced her basically because she was hoping to observe them. And then she remarries but he dies and she’s back again to sq. a person with an extra daughter.

“She experienced been taught to believe that marrying is the only way that you can make improvements to your large amount in daily life,” Cannon continued. “If you have an understanding of that about her, you see she’s not jealous of Ella or spiteful. Her guidance is coming from a extremely psychological and tragic spot, truly.”

Vivian laments her lack of possibilities in the primary tune “Dream Female,” an angst-ridden track co-prepared by Menzel that acts as anthem for the females of the kingdom. “If you just take it out of the motion picture, it’s a universal cry for all the struggle of not remaining recognized and appreciated for who you are, and the agony of anyone telling you that your dreams do not make any difference,” said Menzel of the music.