Darren Barnet on ‘Never Have I Ever,’ sudden fame, and more

Darren Barnet is a soaring star at the centre of two Netflix hits: teenager series “Never Have I Ever” and rom com “Love Really hard.”

“It was interesting, due to the fact the clearly show [‘Never Have I Ever’] dropped in the course of Covid, so it was not like I was in quite a few spots where by I could be recognized,” Barnet, 30, explained to The Article. 

“But, I went to New York and it was kind of overwhelming…and I not too long ago went to Costa Rica and that confirmed me how sturdy the admirer base is internationally. It was the to start with time I felt famous, which was pleasurable but a good deal to tackle. But I truly do enjoy it when supporters appear up to say hello.”

Darren Barnet as popular jock Paxton sits on the floor at the foot of a bed talking to Devi (Maitreyi Ramakrishnan) in "Never Have I Ever."
Darren Barnet as popular jock Paxton talking to Devi (Maitreyi Ramakrishnan) in “Never Have I Ever.”

Co-established by Mindy Kaling, “Never Have I Ever” follows Indian American teen lady Devi (Maitreyi Ramakrishnan) who is torn concerning two boys at her significant college: prickly academic Ben (Jaren Lewison) and preferred jock Paxton Hall-Yoshida (Barnet). 

“It’s entertaining getting into the intellect of a character like that simply because he’s the guy that everybody desired to be in high college,” said Barnet. “He’s sort of the reverse of what I was like in large college. I was not a nerd, I’d say I was nicely-preferred, but I was not by any usually means popular. I was silent and I was regularly the new child. I did perform sporting activities, I played lacrosse. But our crew was atrocious so there are no bragging legal rights, there!” 

Darren Barnett stands in a school hallway smiling in "Never Have I Ever."
Darren Barnet as common jock Paxton in “Never Have I At any time.”

“Never Have I Ever” has been renewed for a Time 3.

“I really do not think I’m allowed to say [much about it]” he explained. “We go into output at the close of the thirty day period. The really like triangle absolutely is remaining solid. It is all of the drama and comedy with even more to present.”

“Love Hard” (now streaming) is also a love triangle, following Natalie (Nina Dobrev, “The Vampire Diaries”), a writer who connects to her fantastic match on a relationship app, only to fulfill him and explore that Josh (Jimmy O. Yang) was chatting to her utilizing pictures of his mate Tag (Barnet).

“Jimmy and Nina had been each so uncomplicated to perform off of,” he said. “I love to improv any prospect I get, and they are in the very same lane.”

Darren Barnett lies on a bed surrounded by red and blue mood lighting.
Darren Barnett

Even though his most popular roles to date have been participating in intimate sales opportunities, Barnet is also making and starring in the thriller motion picture “Apophenia,” which he explained as “The Shining” meets “Shutter Island.”

“I welcome it for what it is worth and I get pleasure from the journey [of playing a romantic lead],” he said. “But, I’m on the lookout ahead to spreading my wings and attempting unique factors.” 

In addition to his rom coms, Barnet, who is combined race Asian American, is also voice acting in various forthcoming animated series for Netflix, together with “Samurai Rabbit: The Usagi Chronicles” and “Blue Eye Samurai.”

“I can seriously thank Mindy Kaling and the exhibit for opening people doors,” he stated. “Mindy was the one particular who highlighted my Japanese heritage on the demonstrate. And the two animations that I’m undertaking with Netflix are based in the entire world of Samurai. It’s genuinely rewarding to do people like that.”