Discover “The Rebirth Of Wonder and Curiosity” with Patch CV: Controlling Voltage – The Modular Synthesis Revolution

Managing Voltage

Patch CV defines “The Rebirth Of Ponder and Curiosity”

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The Patch CV tale offers the enthusiasm and inspiration powering the artist’s natural and organic compositions that are swiftly transforming the soundtracks of contemporary movie and network productions. These digital musical creations are alive only in the instant of their performance and then without end shed when the electric power swap goes off. Capturing this instant innovative vision and private method from patch to pulse will be the journey we share.

“Patch CV It is about private expression, collaboration, curiosity, exploration and discovery through an obtainable art sort at a time when we are socially distant and usually isolated.” – Joseph Spatarella, Govt Producer, Natural and organic Artists LLC

Modular synthesis will allow the person to explore and outline his or her personal private sonic identification through the modules they selected. These uniquely created and made modules have develop into a part of the innovative identification of each person. The builders problem is to style new products and solutions that encourage and broaden these character voices and keep this symbiotic neighborhood blooming with limitless innovative freedom. Patch.CV will tell the stories of these amazing minds that yearn for this greatest expression.

Patch CV movie job Creator and Director, David Elliott Johnson, is a Gold and Multi Platinum songwriter, producer, and drummer. This cinematic production departure was his way of reconnecting with his personal innovative method. His muse was the emotionally billed modular music currently being designed in the existing instant only to be discarded with the flick of the “OFF” swap. This pure attention to tonal depth and sonic brilliance, with out the forethought of success or acceptance, was overseas to him.

“I essential to reboot my personal creative imagination and rediscover my personal fact in inspiration. These artists and their music opened my soul back up to new innovative opportunities. I learned I did not come to feel the need to have to justify my innovative expression with outcomes of public validation or generate for the reward of popularity” – David Elliott Johnson, Creator/Director/Songs Supervisor

Govt Producer, Joe Spatarella, supported this vision to further more his personal adore for the arts and the innovative neighborhood that deserves to be learned by all.

“It is remarkable to introduce the public to an art sort and neighborhood lots of know practically nothing about.  Modular Synthesis brings together technology, engineering, movie, music, art and private expression in a collaborative and obtainable sort.” – Joseph Spatarella, Govt Producer

Emmy Award winning Director of Images and Editor, Britt Thomas McTammany has put in the majority of his lifestyle in the pursuit of partaking visible tale telling. His all-natural ability to increase tone and emotion to a scene based mostly on the music is a result of a long time of currently being a musician and composer himself.

“David and I needed to put the artists and the music they generate at the forefront.  We felt their stories and enthusiasm as echoed in the music was the heartbeat of the movie.  There are pretty couple of lulls in the soundtrack as a result of shelling out months in article-production crafting stories close to their music and developing visuals to match their personalities.”  – Britt Thomas McTammany, Director of Cinematography/Editor/Colorist

A confined pressing, three volume, vinyl album soundtrack is offered on Natural and organic Vinyl.

Unsolicited evaluations quoted:

“One of the finest documentaries on ANY subject matter on ANY streaming support. Visually breathtaking production”

“Now THIS is F’ing Fantastic!”

“How is this not at the top of everyones lists yet, it is Fantastic!”

“I know ZERO about music and I observed myself Impressed to get into Modular Synthesis”

“The way the movie invitations you in and retains you moving alongside is soothing”

“I experienced no thought about the subject matter but observed myself TRANSFIXED ON THE Elegance of the movie and the soundtrack”

“How arrive I have never ever listened to of these GENIUS ARTISTS?”

“Editing at it is greatest, the stream and strength with the music is INTOXICATING”

“Patch CV sets the NEW Typical in documentary movies, KUDOS”

“I needed more when it was over…there is more, suitable?”

“The SOUNDTRACK is Artwork in itself”

This is the 1st characteristic documentary movie by Natural and organic Artists, a movie enterprise with their Natural and organic Vinyl history and artists development label, and GearKids WifeHouse music publishing and licensing division.

Natural and organic Artists has designed a three volume, confined edition coloured vinyl, soundtrack featuring the musical will work of the highlighted artists offered on Natural and organic Vinyl at

Further movie assets can be observed at or requested via [email protected]

Patch CV was produced by Natural and organic Artists LLC, in partnership with Natural and organic Vinyl. Govt Producer- Joseph Spatarella, Creator/Director/ Songs Supervisor – David Elliott Johnson, Director of Cinematography, Editor, and Colorist – Britt Thomas McTammany, Engineering Advisor – Cory Sterling

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