September 23, 2023


Art Is Experience

Education: Upgrade your skills for a dramatically new world

The pace of change is creating job stresses like never before. Globalization is making our world smaller at the same time as artificial intelligence is threatening entire categories of employment.

Then there’s the ongoing challenges posed by COVID-19.

Uncertainty, however, can also breed opportunity, particularly if one chooses the right educational path.

If you’re in the mood to “skill up” or just want to learn what’s going on at various campuses, check out the articles below.


Vancouver Film School embraces hybrid model to ensure students don’t put careers on hold

In the face of a public-health crisis, VFS continues to deliver its high-calibre curriculum.


UBC’s Master of Educational Technology program offers grads deep insights into online learning approaches

The MET program includes 21 courses and offers students an alternative of studying for a degree or a certificate.


Ashton College offers flexible and convenient ways to become a nursing unit clerk or education assistant

B.C.-based Ashton College takes pride in putting adult learners on new career paths with the proper Canadian credentials.


Associate degree of science opens doors for VCC students into university and the workforce

B.C. is the only province in Canada to offer this credential, which is fairly common in the United States.


Concordia University pivoted quickly to virtual education

Even though it’s a large university, it takes pride in small class sizes.


Mature student Rozy Karim achieves the dream of a lifetime at Simon Fraser University

A refugee finds success in Canada—and inspires others to realize that it’s never too late to give up on one’s goals.


SFU will no longer call its varsity athletics teams the Clan

Former SFU guard Othniel Spence played a pivotal role in rallying opposition to the “Clan” name for SFU’s varsity sports teams.


Santa Ono appointed to second term as UBC president

In his first term he had many successes and one major controversy.