June 25, 2024


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Emotion in Poetry: Oxymoron

Oxymoron is not a way to contact everyone a title. In point, oxymoron is the poetic device which means the use of contradictory phrases (alongside one another) for influence. A Handbook to Literature states that etymologically the phrase means “pointedly foolish,” that it provides alongside one another two contradictory terms that contrast to create sharp emphasis. Illustrations involve cheerful pessimist, smart fool, unfortunate joy, eloquent silence, living dying, bittersweet, burning cold, glad mourning.

As with any poetic system, one can use it to insert to the imagery of a poem. With a bit of setting up, the imagery created by oxymoron can increase the emotion, too.

Let us examine how an oxymoron can heighten the emotion of a poem. We could create the adhering to line of poetry: The woman, so racked with discomfort, couldn’t make a sound. Somewhat drab isn’t it? Where’s the emotion necessary to make the reader “come to feel” her suffering?

Let’s see what can happen with an oxymoron with the same strategy:

The pain left her almost nothing but silent screams

As it twisted her overall body with endless agony.

If you noticed, the initially line also experienced alliteration in the oxymoron, silent screams.

I really made use of a variation of silent screams in a poem.

Cry for Help

Dreary, drab day pressing in on me

right up until like gray, gloomy clouds stuffed

to saturation, my tears overflow.

I silently scream for support

That never ever seems to come.

A very small ray of sunshine would carry

the load of sorrow that threatens

to swamp my sorrowing soul.

Oh, for the storm to aspect more than enough

to enable that ray shine on me.

Help me, be sure to help me endure

this major, bloated load

urgent on my weary thoughts.

Be sure to give me reduction that

only You have at any time brought.

Wrap me in Your comfort and ease,

wrap me in Your like

until eventually I can stand and look at

the sunrise crack the day

with pleasure and thanksgiving at the time additional.

copyright 2005 by Vivian Gilbert Zabel

Oxymoron, the use of contradictory phrases for result, can reinforce and enrich your writing. If used sparingly and appropriately, the product can include imagery to writing and help the emotional effect.