Erica Mena Is So Upset ‘Bitter’ Women Keep Calling Safaree Samuels ‘Corny’


The ‘Love and Hip Hop: New York’ star suggests in a 5-minute Instagram video, ‘They’re bitter inside ’cause they give their all to a man that are unable to adore by themselves.’

Erica Mena is perfectly mindful of the items that men and women say about her partner Safaree Samuels and she are unable to tolerate it any longer. The “Like & Hip Hop: New York” star has appear to the rapper’s protection and blasted men and women who preserve calling him “corny” by way of a 5-minute video posted on Instagram on Monday, August 24.

Prior to sharing the 5-minute clip, Erica mentioned on Instagram Tales, “He is so corny to me… Bulls**t, b***h, lead to if he was to pull his d**k proper now, y’all b***hes would be sucking on them so f***ing outrageous. Now that is the s**t that is corny.” When one man or woman insisted that Safaree is however “corny,” Erica hit back again, “Sis if you could you would but since you are unable to you got feelings that could by no means section us.”

She later on returned to the photo-sharing web page with extra items to say, calling the trolls “bitter” men and women. “I come across it kinda interesting how when a man is cozy with staying himself, enjoys life, would make the greatest out of items, isn’t fake hardcore seeking to be difficult, ain’t calling queens out their name…,” the model mentioned. “when a man is legitimately self-assured with himself, when a man enjoys life and enjoys building the greatest out of items, dances mainly because he feels great inside, suggests what he wishes to say mainly because he usually means it and is actually a great all-around man…why is that corny for y’all girls?”

She additional, “It’s unhappy that there are a whole lot of girls who are speedy to contact a man out his identify or the feminine who goes immediately after males who are happy with by themselves. So they are bitter inside ’cause they give their all to a man that are unable to adore by themselves.” She then additional the girls who preserve calling Safaree “corny” are lonely mainly because they want to be with a man who pretends to be “everything that he isn’t.”

In the meantime, Safaree has still to talk up.