July 25, 2024


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Free Sheet Music – Earn Money Online by Composing Sheet Music Scores

Is there a way to earn money by composing music scores? Yes, you can set up your own website and offer your free sheet music to the world! Here you have some tips on how to start!

How can I produce the sheet music?

There are many ways to compose sheet music or convert already existing compositions by yourself or others into a digital format that is easily accessible online. If you are a composer of your own music you can find free music notation software online or use a scanner to convert your manuscript paper. You can also use public domain sheets already composed in various ways. Here are some tips to get you started!

Using manuscript paper to produce free music scores

Actually you can produce your sheet music by hand using traditional manuscript paper and then use a scanner to convert the sheets to a digital format. If you are able to write nice music notes by hand you can use this gift to produce very personal music sheets. To make them readable you will have to be careful and use black ink in the final stage. Maybe the first step will be to write the notes with a pencil making it possible to change wrong notes and so on. You will need to have access to a scanner to convert this physical format to a digital form like a PDF file or Gif file that can be uploaded on your website and then be opened and printed by the visitors.

To scan existing books and sheet music

Some publishers use a scanner to convert already existing music scores from books to PDF for upload to their website. I guess this is a bit on the wrong side of the line as arrangements in books are copyright protected even if the melody is public domain.

Notation software

You can also use more or less sophisticated and subsequently more or less expensive music notation software for the purpose of producing professionally looking music notes. You can find free online music notation software that you do not need to download and you will find software to install that are free but still functional if you are not creating too complicated scores. Search for “free music notation software” and you will find various types of software to download or use online. Among the most widespread music notation software are Sibelius and Finale that have both more expensive and cheaper solutions.

To earn money from your free sheet music

The most uncomplicated way to earn money from your website using free music scores is to put Google ads on your pages. In order to learn more about this service you can search for “AdSense” and you will come to a Google page that will explain the whole concept to you. You can also become an affiliate to companies that sell products in line with your website theme like guitar sheet music, piano notes or musical equipment and so on. To find companies with an affiliate service suiting your website you can search for “affiliate sheet music” and you will find these services and also learn how the affiliate programs works.

Finding visitors

In order for your free sheet music website to be found by visitors you have to use the keywords on your website that your visitors use as they search for music scores. To make it possible for the search engines to determine what your website is about you have to use these keywords on the right places like your page titles and in the visible text on your pages. To learn more about optimizing your pages you can search for “search engine optimization” or the abbreviated form “seo” and you will find many tips on this.