December 8, 2022


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Funkmaster Flex Accuses Jay-Z of Dealing With Donald Trump for Desiree Perez Pardon

Funkmaster Flex Accuses Jay-Z of Dealing With Donald Trump for Desiree Perez Pardon

The rapper and radio DJ chastises the Roc Country founder for aligning with the previous president, who granted clemency to the Roc Country CEO, Desiree, prior to the stop of his term as president.

Funkmaster Flex isn’t done making an attempt to spoil Jay-Z‘s character. Immediately after deeming the hip-hop mogul as the “most sensitive motherf**ker on the world,” the rapper/actor has now attacked Jigga for his alignment with previous president Donald Trump.

Flex created the allegations in opposition to Jay-Z on his Hot 97 present on Monday night, January twenty five whilst clapping back at Jay-Z’s admirers, who defended the “Operate This City” hitmaker. “So many persons from around there got so irritated with me around the weekend,” he began addressing the concern. “It is really just my feeling. And you know one thing? Ya’ll are bullies, ya’ll are serious bullies when you stand powering that dude.”

Saying that Jay-Z deserved the bad title, Flex included, “Guess what, the major person Jay-Z, he’s attained that. And ya’ll arrive from underneath and you want to bully. Nicely what arrives with bullying is persons offering their feeling. They bully, but they obtain and obtain persons and get upset powering the scenes at web-sites, air personalities, and bloggers.”

The radio deejay then introduced up his concern with Roc Country CEO Desiree Perez acquiring pardon from Trump before this month. “When a pardon is involved…once more, I don’t consider there is everything wrong with testifying, cooperating,” he claimed of Perez, who turned a DEA informant. He included even though, “Aligning with Trump, and this is my feeling — Trump enjoys to shout the Very pleased Boys. Stand down and stand by. All of this to say, my President is not supposed to shout a person like that. Not supposed to assist of give wiggle place to police brutality. Jay-Z should not be aligning himself with persons like that. Do not tell us you happen to be for the persons. On this issue appropriate below, you do not idiot me sir.”

Flex went on alluding that Jay-Z could possibly have struck a offer with Trump to rating the clemency for Perez. “You stood down, did not attract consideration to the horrible s**t Trump was executing,” he claimed. “Ordinarily in a situation like that, there is funds involved. You discuss to any individual. You promise one thing for a pardon. It was everywhere you go that Trump was advertising those pardons.”

When he seemed to have an understanding of Perez’s situation with hefty fees being involved in her case, Flex stressed, “The part I have a trouble with, is the Trump, Jay-Z moving with him. Business with Trump and what Trump supports.”

Perez is a longtime and valued associate of Jay-Z. She was arrested for being involved in a conspiracy to distribute narcotics.