October 4, 2023


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How COVID-19 Affected the Photography Market Globally

COVID-19: Considering the potential business impacts for Indonesia

The virus’s arrival on the world, though not sudden, how quickly and fiercely it spread globally caught nations off-guard. Businesses were highly impacted as most countries had to go into strict lockdown mode. They either shut down or found new ways of operating.  Some went fully online, while some had to start learning the ropes. 

Consumers also had to adapt. For instance, physical shopping in UK stores was quite overwhelming over the population who were used to taking strolls around malls or having a drink with friends at the bar or pub.

The photography industry, like its counterparts, felt the heat of the lockdown. An industry that encourages a lot of physical human interaction saw a quick decline of clients. People treasured their lives more than seeking a photoshoot. A lot of photographers sought out other forms of photography that involved minimal or no human physical contact. Creating photos that are the best gifts to buy online for loved ones.

  1. Closed Photo Studios

The lockdown status in most countries caused a lot of photographers to close down their studios as fewer people patronized them. Also, to prevent the further spread of the virus through physical contact.

  1. Event Cancellations

A lot of events were canceled when the virus hit hard on the world. Marriages, birthdays, anniversaries, and so many more events were postponed. This affected how much jobs photographers could get. And even when the lockdown rules were getting relaxed, conditions for holding any event had to be strictly adhered to. 

Which usually meant a few people had to be in attendance and with the rules of social distancing in effect. Few or no photographers were allowed into such events.

  1. Loss Of Staff: 

Assistants and other staff had to go due to the inability of the studio to pay their salaries. No-fault of theirs, though. There were no clients, no events, and no income was coming in.  

  1. Many Changed Jobs

Many photographers changed professions due to the absence of clients patronizing them. With staff to pay, taxes, and equipment to buy and maintain a studio with little or no funds, they changed to careers that helped them earn more than photography.

  1. Growth Of Product Photography: Product photography grew as more and more companies, businesses and individuals had to get their products and services out online. Since all the photographer has to do is just shoot a product alone in a room with minimal or no assistance, it is safer. 
  2. Exhibitions

Since there are no clients or few to say, photographers have combed around, taking pictures to capture on film how the virus has ravaged the world globally. Photo exhibitions of such can be found online and in art galleries. Photographers are known for capturing histories and memories with their cameras. 

They have helped the world to have a physical memory of how the virus came and how it raged. One memory with mixed feelings for different people.


Just like every business in the world, the business of photography is a victim of the virus, and as the lockdown restrictions start to ease away gradually, hopefully, there can be a steady rise back to its throne among businesses.