HSM’s Corbin Bleu Supported Monique Coleman After Miscarriage

Monique, who married Walter Jordan in 2012, had channeled her grief about her 2019 miscarriage into art. On Pregnancy and Toddler Reduction Remembrance Day in 2019, she shared on Instagram a limited dance piece she filmed.

“On August 7, 2019 I experienced a miscarriage,” the actress wrote at the time. “For the to start with time in my lifestyle, I couldn’t string jointly eloquent adequate phrases to convey what I had been through in a meaningful and impactful way. Having said that, when I discovered that 1 in 4 girls encounters this devastating and unexplainable loss I realized I couldn’t stay silent. I made a decision to use the language of dance to say what I couldn’t with text.”

She ongoing, “I pray that this piece encourages brave dialogue & healing and previously mentioned all would make our spirit baby very pleased #UNBORNtribute.”