October 4, 2023


Art Is Experience



ISO.POETISM™ BY TOBIAS BIRK NIELSEN A/W22 – The selection was section of the formal Copenhagen Style 7 days, exactly where the manufacturer was privileged ample to acquire the Sustainability Award for the layout, output and advancement of the clearly show principle. 

A/W22 entitled “The Echoes which we Remain” is intended as a tribute to the circle of daily life and all the large stunning areas within just.
The function of the assortment is in all modesty, to remind just about every other to give and seize the finest of each relation though they are however probable to outline. And a lot more importantly to be every single other echoes when just one is leaving yet another one driving in the dwelling life.

Dying is a devastating however inevitable component of human life’s narrative. Unhappy but factual, absolutely everyone will come across illness, mortality and grief at some point. Getting rid of a loved 1 is a premise all fashionable people must understand to embrace, and this is precisely the method designer Tobias Birk Nielsen is at this time going through whilst establishing the AW22 collection, thanks to getting rid of the man or woman who to him was the closest His wife.

AW22 is as a result meant as a tribute to the circle of lifestyle and all the broad wonderful facets within – entitled “The Echoes which we Remain”.

The reason of the collection is modesty, to remind each other to give and get the best of each partnership though these are continue to doable to determine, and additional importantly to be just about every other echoes when 1 is leaving yet another guiding in the dwelling lifetime.

Staying an “echo” suggests to hold passing on the values of the departed one particular, and to maintain practising what the connection was developed on, in purchase to continue to keep the relation suitable, to honour it – and to increase richer out of the decline.

When a normal catastrophe happens, such as a volcanic eruption – it leaves its environment fragile. The bare soil is at its most fertile phase, which is why you frequently see attractive wildflowers develop in craters of volcanic landscapes.