October 4, 2023


Art Is Experience

Julia Roberts crashes George Clooney’s appearance on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

Although Clooney was speaking about his new motion picture, “The Tender Bar,” which he directed, Roberts slid into the body sitting in a chair with sunglasses on. She didn’t say a word then slid out of frame once more.

Clooney and Kimmel had been conversing to young actor Daniel Ranieri about his part in the motion picture when Roberts designed her blink and you missed it cameo.

“Oh my goodness, wow. Holy moly,” Kimmel mentioned. “George, I do not know if you might be mindful of this, but there is a female sitting subsequent to you.”

Clooney did not deal with the joke at all.

“Perhaps I hallucinated that. It appeared like Julia Roberts though,” Kimmel laughed.

Clooney and Roberts are alongside one another since they are at present filming “Ticket to Paradise.”

“The Tender Bar” hits theaters Dec. 18 and on Amazon Prime Online video on Jan. 7.

Look at Roberts crash the dialogue in this article.