December 8, 2022


Art Is Experience


About Karolina Pietrzyk

Graphic designer Karolina Pietrzyk is a 2015 graduate of the Academy of Art and Structure in Wrocław (Graphic Layout Faculty, MA). She has given that then formulated a powerful follow creating posters for exhibitions, songs, and style and design festivals. Her get the job done improves geometric and abstract designs. Also, shades fade into linear kinds to create a suggestive blend of scenes.

Pietrzyk’s layouts are a option of variations that join fingers, a sequence of varieties to deliver an unforeseen consistency onto a area.

Karolina’s worth finds its very best in this mission, creating an outstanding set of tones and genres that communicate perfectly. Karolina Pietrzyk doesn’t appear to be bothered by the detrimental area. Fairly the contrary she sees it as an obvious and physical factor: the damaging space strongly cooperates with the achievement of her remaining eyesight. Karolina also displays exceptional usability of type, which she utilised in a visually arresting way without having compromising on readability.

Her posters and layouts are compelling and potent, courageous and daring.
Karolina Pietrzyk life in Poland and is generally searching for commissions or collaborations!

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(Visuals courtesy of the artist).