Mario Lopez Channels His “Inner Shakira” on Celeb Game Face

Is there anything at all Mario Lopez are not able to do?

Maybe so, but dancing definitely isn’t really on that record. The Saved by the Bell star can be seen busting a transfer in this sneak peek of tomorrow’s all-new Celeb Game Deal with, and despite the rapid speed at which he’s switching from dance to dance—this is a timed competitors following all—Mario manages to search great as a cucumber the entire round.

At the identical time the 47-calendar year-old Television personality is carrying out all of this, his wife Courtney Lopez is attempting to guess the name of every dance. While she at first throws out “the rope,” “the twist,” and “the worm,” before the right way answering “the stomach dancer,” throughout the initial spherical, the pair speedily racks up details against their rivals, Taran Killam and Ronnie Kimble and Justin Lengthy and Christian Lengthy.

In addition to “the stomach dancer,” Mario also performs “the Carlton,” and “the pogo adhere.” The latter was especially hilarious to host and executive producer Kevin Hart, but not due to the fact of anything at all Mario did.