July 13, 2024


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Mike Ledbetter Announces His Candidacy for President of the United States for 2024 and His New Book, Nine Sovereign Kings: The Return of God

In his new guide, Mr. Ledbetter information his sights and politics, from including term restrictions to the U.S. Supreme Court to the way that we can both of those “Heal” and “Restore” equally our Authorities and Country to our comprehensive “Destiny” and “Desire” that is The usa

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up-to-date: Jan 21, 2022 17:00 EST

Mike Ledbetter, devoted Christian, happy American, relatives person and Texan, has just introduced his “Candidacy for President of the United States” for 2024 and the launch of his new reserve entitled Nine Sovereign Kings: The Return of God. The reserve focuses on the Supreme Court docket of the United States and its will need for it staying restructured. Nine Sovereign Kings: The Return of God can be downloaded for totally free and will allow for viewers to make an informed feeling on how considerably-achieving the implications are of owning Supreme Court Judges with no checks and balances upon themselves. 

“I am a man of religion, and I like all the American Individuals will usually imagine in the ‘American Dream’ right until it is completely ‘Fulfilled’ for all our ‘Families’ and ‘Nation,'” said Ledbetter. “We have all been blessed by our Creator, our Trinity God with a ‘Mighty Country’ that the relaxation of the world appears to be like up to for justice, humanity, compassion, and accomplishing the correct factor. Our remarkable country is complete of households and people who are performing their aspect in earning the world a much better area.”

A powerful believer in God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, Mr. Ledbetter thinks in the greatness of this fantastic country as we all do. Born and lifted in the point out of Texas, he learned to enjoy the tenacity, compassion and courage of People and the nation as a complete. Family members throughout the place are making rough selections each and every day, turning to God in prayer in hopes of achieving the ideal for their kids.

“My faith in the American country is the cornerstone of the book I was encouraged by God to produce,” provides Mr. Ledbetter. “Nine Sovereign Kings: The Return of God symbolizes my faith, our people’s faith, and our place. The reserve is a detailed overview of the awareness I want each individual one particular of you to have, as we stroll by religion with our Creator into a attainable new foreseeable future for all of us. Having this understanding can be the beacon of light-weight and guidance from our Trinity God that our Creator desires every just one of us to have.”

The current system has specified our Supreme Court Judges kingly stature, Mr. Ledbetter strongly states, and unchecked authority to choose and decide for a “Sovereign Persons” that only our “Family members” have the right to choose. The e book discusses in detail the background of the Supreme Court and examines its unaccountable composition with a solid emphasis on the “Creator,” “People today,” and “Democracy” according to both of those our People’s and Creator’s “Declaration of Independence” and “Bible.”

The Supreme Court docket, and its “Time period-Limiting,” will be a primary emphasis of my policy and administration if the “Folks” give me the “Honor” of staying President with them, suggests Mr. Ledbetter. With the guidance of God, he foresees the Union of our Folks and United States as starting to be both equally much better and nearer than ever in advance of. However, to fulfill that future, the ‘People’ have to make specific adjustments in the way this place is run. Both ‘The Creator’s Truth’ and ‘Democracy,’ alongside with the ‘Liberty’ and ‘Freedom’ of the ‘People’ have to be placed previously mentioned all factors else if we are to totally mend and restore our Terrific Country. It must be ensured that no administration can once again wield lifelong positions unchecked like the unaccountable and daily life-tenured Supreme Court docket,” suggests Mr. Ledbetter.

His e book “9 Sovereign Kings: The Return of God” is the end result of years of analysis. Driven by God’s inspiration, Ledbetter used a decade completing both the investigate and creating essential for our “People’s Reserve” that is in this article now at this web-site for “Free!”


The “American Persons” and the “News Media” of this state embody the spirit of “Freedom of the Push” and “Independence of details” that safeguards the liberty and legal rights of both our “People today” and “Nation.” And, alongside one another, the two can enable us establish the new and attainable drive essential to steer absent from future catastrophe and toward a “New America” stuffed only with “Fact” and “Prosperity.” 

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