Motorcycle Accident Victim Recalls Wrecking Her Face in Heartbreaking Botched Preview

Actual physical and emotional problems.

Tonight’s all-new Botched seems to be as though it’s heading to be an heartbreaking 1.

In this sneak peek, Drs. Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif are released to Hope, who’s undergone seven surgical procedures to restore her confront that was brutally damaged in a bike accident.

“My leg was trapped so my upper overall body arrived above and I confront-planted the I-beam behind the guard rail,” Hope recalls. 

Earning the scenario even far more sad is that 1 of Hope’s daughters—who, alongside with another, are accompanying their mom to her consultation—witnessed the wreck firsthand at just ten many years old. Thankfully, she was unharmed.

What’s also fortunate? Hope’s accident took place in entrance of a paramedic’s home.

“So he arrived working above,” her daughter says right after outlining that he was prompted by her loud screams. “And he had her all prepared in advance of [the] ambulance even received there.”

Dr. Dubrow notes that for Hope, “the unluckiest day in her daily life was also, weirdly, 1 of the luckiest.”