November 27, 2022


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‘No COVID-19 can interrupt the mystical vibration’ – Bongo Herman maintains vigil at Bob Marley Museum to celebrate ‘dear friend’ | Entertainment

As the globe noticed what would have been the 76th birthday anniversary of the good reggae legend, Robert ‘Nesta’ Marley, his property base at 56 Hope Highway was devoid of the normal merriment.

A ban on substantial public gatherings because of to the COVID-19 virus intended patrons could not have collected at the museum as they would have preferred. When The Gleaner team visited the museum, tours had been continue to occurring but there was a deafening silence on the grounds as the slew of bodily activities that would usually be having area on February six, was noticeably absent. But despite the fact that the customary excitement was lacking, the presence of Bongo Herman introduced forth a specific surety that albeit digital, the celebrations had been continue to occurring.

By no means far away from the property base of the male he explained as a “dear friend”, the renowned percussionist informed The Gleaner that he has in no way skipped a February six celebration at the museum. In point, Bongo Herman disclosed that on any specified day, a person would discover him on the premises, beating his keteh drum and “holding a good vibration”, for the reason that that is in which and how he feels closest to the legend.

“This dwelling that you see below, this is historical past ideal below. Sacred grounds. I and Bob had been superior, superior bredren. We sit and motive, we enjoy soccer, we enjoy music with each other and I have the photographs to demonstrate,” he stated pulling out laminated photographs of him and Marley from his archive. “Bob was a cleanse yute, ‘vibesy’ and him always a feel bout aware dwelling. We used to go on the actions or we go less than that tree ideal there and motive about daily life (pointing to a tree shut to the back again of the premises). That is Bob Marley favourite tree. Individuals are the causes why I am always below, specially these days. It is a religious vibes, a particular relationship that I feel below,” he stated.

Bongo Herman stated he is in a position to link with Marley when on the grounds of his previous property. “There are specific periods, I feel the energy of Bob, ideal inna di yaad yah. [So] it is just the flesh a Bob absent innu for the reason that the spirit life on without end and that is why he was in a position to touch so lots of men and women,” Bongo Herman shared.


For the percussionist, the late Marley was a prophet sent to fulfil a divine goal just before staying taken away. Giving his personal interpretations of a Bible scripture, Bongo Herman revealed just why nevertheless physically absent, Bob Marley’s impact will in no way die. “It is prepared in the Bible and this is my interpretation that I the Lord shall consider away a person of the good ones from among you and I see him, Bob Marley as that good a person. Each individual crevice and corner of this globe yuh go, Bob’s presence is there. No other artiste at any time do like what he did and is continue to doing,” he stated, highlighting that not only did the icon depart lasting messages of enjoy and unity, but he still left a boatload of talent passed down by means of his bloodline that will carry on to sustain stated musical legacy for generations to come.

He continued, “Why yuh feel Bob Marley say ‘dem back weary fi see mi face’? He is not below but see the whole a him children dem come and a attract big crowd, a carry on the music and a carry on to spread the messages he did. The whole a di Marley household is musically gifted and everyone can see that. Bob was a prophet and every little thing occurring with his bloodline is a system matter by God himself. A divine matter.”

Expressing gratitude to the Marley household, Bongo Herman stated he carries on to give many thanks for just about every yr he is blessed with to be a component of the legend’s birthday celebrations. He stated he was specially delighted that this yr, even as COVID-19 carries on its vice-like grip on the entertainment industry, the household observed a way to celebrate their patriarch. “A nuff men and women always wah come below to Jamaica to experience this innu, but for some motive or di other, dem just couldn’t. This yr, the globe get fi be a component of the celebrations for the reason that every little thing digital. Mi just glad say every little thing get fi take place same way. The globe is altering and so we affi alter wid it for the reason that all when we nuh assemble with each other physically, the religious relationship continue to up. No COVID-19 [can] interrupt the mystical vibration.”

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