September 26, 2023


Art Is Experience

No Way Home’ keeps box-office lead

“Spider-Guy: No Way Home” held on to first location at the box business office on New Year’s Eve.

The net-slinging franchise flick grossed $15.5 million on Dec. 31, in accordance to IMDB’s Box Business office Mojo database.

Through New Year’s Eve, the movie had grossed an eye-popping $572.6 million.

Animated kiddie musical “Sing 2” held on to 2nd position from very last week, marketing $6.4 million in stubs, and $76.5 million via Dec. 31, in accordance to the databases.

“The Matrix Resurrections” ongoing to flop, bringing in just $1 million, and $28.1 million to day.

The panned reboot of the legendary franchise — in which most of humanity is enslaved by machines and subject to a bogus electronic world — slid to fifth location on New Year’s Eve, from third on Christmas Eve.

In third and fourth: “American Underdog” and “The King’s Man“, both with $1.3 million on New Year’s Eve, and $12.2 and $16.3 million by way of that day, respectively.