September 23, 2023


Art Is Experience

Noah Centineo shares photos of himself bulking up to play He-Man in ‘Masters of the Universe’ remake

The actor is gearing (and bulking) up to enjoy He-Gentleman in the “Masters of the Universe” remake.

Centineo confirmed admirers just how he is transforming in two images posted to his Instagram with the cheeky caption, “The question is … must I start off coaching all over again?”

This film, which is set to hit theaters up coming March, is a remake of the 1987 flick of the identical identify directed by Gary Goddard which starred Courteney Cox, Dolph Lundgren, Frank Langella, and Jon Cypher. It really is about two teens who satisfy He-Gentleman, who hails from the planet Eternia. He’s on a mission to conserve the universe from the evil Skeletor. Adam and Aaron Nee are set to direct the film.

The characters had been initially produced by Mattel in the early nineteen eighties, finally starting to be a film and a cartoon sequence and then a rebooted cartoon sequence in 2002 on Cartoon Community.