July 13, 2024


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Picture Poetry by Daveda Gruber

Picture Poetry by Daveda Gruber

Wow what an amazing talent on display. I have just finished reading Daveda Gruber’s new book “Picture Poetry”. This is truly a great collection of poetry from the heart of a great writer, publisher, and graphics author. Her talents truly shine forth in this unique collection of poetry.

Page after page you read emotional, heartfelt poems of her life, romance, pain and loss. In her poetry she shares ” Footprints” of “Lies” as she moves forward from day to day. Yet haunted by incidents that happened in her “Past”, she “Doubts” and wonders is it “An Impossible Dream” that she can’t find the answers too? She is on a quest and you can feel the desperation in many of these beautiful pieces that the writer shares with her readers. The heart of a mother, wife, and poet is felt poem after poem.

We also read “Even Angels Cry” as she continues upon her quest for “The Truth”. She “In Hopes” one day wants to see the ray of hope too. Years after years of searching and venting her pains through her writing, this author finds it in her heart to share her story with others.

We also see her tears expressed as she deals with the loss of her mother and daughter. The emotional outcries are felt as the writer releases her pain through her penmanship. Her “Bittersweet Moments” are expressed from cover to cover.

Although the poems by themselves could stand alone, but the writer graces her readers with graphics and photos to enhance the production of this collection. They truly bring her story to life. So “Picture Poetry” lives up to it’s name.

In this lovely collection you will also find some pieces that she co-authors with another great poet, Stefan Borenstein. I call them the “Dynamic Duel”. Together they share with their readers, “Delirious Delight”, “Roaring Tides” and “Enchanted Spaces”. Now how awesome is that. You will find that the words of these poems truly captivates the reader’s thoughts. It is so encouraging to see how others can share in the spotlight. Although these two have never met face to yet they have bonded through the world of poetry. When reading there pieces it is hard to distinguish who wrote what.

I encourage you to journey with this “Wounded Warrior”, my friends, and you will also see some of her “Friends”, in this terrific “Picture Poetry” collection. You will find this book to be a great enhancement to your poetic and family library.