July 13, 2024


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Robyn Says COVID-19 Changed the Family in Sister Wives Clip

Tensions are working significant in the Brown family. 

From rigid COVID-19 procedures laid out by Kody Brown to his and Christine‘s break up, the Brown loved ones has experienced their reasonable share of struggles during the pandemic. And now, in an E! News exclusive sneak peek at an impending Sister Wives distinctive, an emotional Robyn clarifies how the virus has influenced her family’s dynamic. 

Janelle and Christine found Kody’s rules—which prohibited go to movie theaters, bars, health and fitness centers and restaurants—unrealistic, and it designed a rift in the loved ones. “I realize what Kody was wanting to do,” Robyn claims in the clip. “And I have an understanding of what Janelle and Christine have been about, but at the similar time I was like why couldn’t we have meshed those people two? I just felt like this is the family members society that we have created and we’re destroying that.”

Host Sukyana Krishnan asks, “So you felt like them not staying in a position to occur to a alternative, the place we can bring every person with each other, was in a way, destroying what you had created as a plural family members?” 

“In the beginning I did not assume of it that way,” Robyn describes. “I was considering this will go away ultimately, but you know, how far are we into it and it however hasn’t stopped.”