‘Laugh Online’ with Ity and Fancy Cat | Entertainment

Extensively deemed the ‘kings of comedy’ in Jamaica, Ity and Extravagant Cat have been serving up laughter to audiences for many years. Their comedy sequence, The Ity and Extravagant Cat Exhibit, finished in 2017 but the duo ongoing to produce significant-quality enjoyment as a result of a new sequence, dubbed Bigger Manager. With output on the next year of that present owning been halted owing to the coronavirus, the two have now turned their attention somewhere else. In order to retain the laughter likely, the pair has determined to start a 10-week on-line comedy sequence – Snicker Online. Starting up this Saturday, the duo will be having their notorious sketches and simple stand-up talent to the virtual area as they seek out to deliver Jamaicans some considerably-wanted comedic aid amid the COVID-19 disaster.

In an interview with The Gleaner, Ity claimed, in the beginning, the pair

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