Op-Ed: We all need to shake off the pandemic, literally

Eight many years ago, when my boyfriend and I started off dancing in our residing place right after evening meal, very little did we consider our relatively eccentric pastime would sweep the nation. But if social media are any gauge , dancing at residence is the coronavirus pandemic’s bathtub gin.

Confined to the all-much too-acquainted patch of metal and plaster we connect with residence, Americans are sashaying and kick-ball shifting our disappointment and worry away. People are erupting into small pageants of jazz fingers. A dance obstacle started off by the video clip-sharing app TikTok, intended to advertise social distancing, has drawn far more than 4.6 billion views. Films from LeBron James, Mark Wahlberg and Judd Apatow recommend that now may be the most effective time at any time to see heterosexual adult males tangle with precision choreography.

But beneath the roar of acceptance and delight elicited by all this

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