Virtual Opening Of ‘Coast Lines’ On April 6

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the Bermuda Arts Centre’s ‘Coast Lines’ show will have a virtual opening on Monday, April six at five.00pm.

A spokesperson reported, “With anything thrown at us, as with the rest of the island, the likely has been challenging. But both you lay down and simply call it quits or you gear up and maintain likely.

“Before the shutdowns and lock downs, the present ‘Coast Lines’ was on the desk to be opening very last month. With our artists geared up for it, we ended up identified that we would not be overwhelmed and determined to go virtual.

“We are dealing with it as an artwork opening, with available viewing on the internet. The present will open up at five.00pm on Monday, April six. The present delivers a blend of media, sizes and price ranges, with entries from some of Bermuda’s leading artists. Unquestionably one

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