Ozzy Osbourne surges back amid battle with Parkinson’s

On a tranquil afternoon in the property of Ozzy Osbourne, the Prince of Darkness methods carefully into his parlor. He wears blue velvet loafers and a belt buckle of small skulls created of diamonds and gold. By his facet is a modest pet dog he calls Snotty.

As the significant steel icon normally takes a seat by his fire in Hancock Park, he’s as welcoming and scattered as ever, but there’s a stiffness to his stroll, the lingering effects of a late-night slide past year and subsequent spinal surgery. Bodily therapy will help, and Osbourne estimates he’s about seventy five per cent back again to usual.

“I can not seriously complain,” claims Osbourne, seventy one, whose lifestyle and occupation ended up as soon as partly described by severe habits and shut calls.

Kelly, remaining, Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne attend the afterparty for the screening of “A Million Small Pieces” on

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