Planet of the Humans movie draws outrage as it calls for economic slowdown: Don Pittis

If anybody was foolish ample to basically feel that human engineering had the planet’s normal forces securely under our management, the disruptive effect of COVID-19 has been only the most recent reminder that it won’t.

A primary information of the new environmental documentary Planet of the Humans is that in spite of our potent financial grip on the planet — or far more likely mainly because of it — we have commenced a planetary tire fireplace that even our greenest leaders seem not able to neat.

To say the movie, backed by rabble-rousing filmmaker Michael Moore and made by his longtime associate Jeff Gibbs, is controversial is an understatement.

Featuring it free on the world wide web all through the COVID-19 lockdown has helped draw in far more than four.6 million views considering that the film’s Earth Day launch previous 7 days.

But it has also attracted a wave of

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