Santa Rosa native Jonathan Beard makes music for the movies

When Jonathan Beard does his occupation accurately, you may well not even be conscious of his work. But it will have an effect on you just the same.

The 39-yr-old Santa Rosa indigenous orchestrates and composes new music for Tv set, flicks and online video games, from “Handmaid’s Tale” to “Deadpool” to the online video sport “Star Wars: Battlefront.”

His mission: to enhance the motion and heighten emotion, with out distracting or overpowering viewers. It’s a mindful balancing act.

“If I do it improper, the viewers will believe it is becoming told how to experience,” he explained from his Santa Monica house studio, a several blocks from the beach front. His proximity to Los Angeles permits him to work intently with the enjoyment market.

“When composing, my occupation is to collaborate with the director to help deepen some of the meaning of what’s heading on in the film. In the

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