Bristol Valley Theater’s one-woman show ‘Mala’ explores death with humor | Choice Events

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  • Picture BY Rich MILLER
  • Mary Mendez Rizzo stars in the one particular-lady drama “Mala” at Bristol Valley Theater.

How do you help a dying cherished one particular, especially when you are struggling to endure?

Bristol Valley Theater explores this issue — certain to resonate all through a pandemic — with “Mala,” a one particular-lady drama starring Mary Mendez Rizzo (whose new credits involve reveals at Blackfriars Theatre and Geva Theatre Center).

Composed by Melinda Lopez, a playwright committed to placing advanced Latina gals heart phase, “Mala” (from the Spanish phrase for “bad”) usually takes an irreverent, straightforward appear at a first-era daughter’s battle for closure though her mother approaches the finish of her daily life all through a harsh Boston wintertime. The manufacturing will be offered with bodily distancing on Bristol Valley Theatre’s recently produced out of doors phase.

Performances of “Mala.” directed by Kate Rose

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