July 25, 2024


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Taiwo Oduala Shares Thoughts on Enhancing Your Screen Writing Capabilities 

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Writing screenplays can be challenging, especially in a film industry where talented individuals are filled to the brim and are already coming up with the same, if not better, ideas for a screenplay than you. 

However, your writing will still be considered. You need to focus on improving your skills and figuring out a form of writing that makes you stand apart from the rest of your competitors. If you want to learn what you can do to enhance your screenplay writing skills, consider looking at works made by popular creators in the field – like the highly acclaimed entertainment figure Taiwo Adejonwo Odula.

One of the reasons why Taiwo Adejonwo Odula is so popular is because he is the master of multiple trades in the film industry – he is a renowned film director, producer, actor, and screenwriter known throughout the world for his films. 

He began his career in the entertainment and filmmaking industry in 1991 as a stage/television director until he started training full-time as a screen and film director. His first directed film came out in 1997, “The Future Adams,” – followed by ‘The Reward,’ ‘Believe,’ ‘The Unknown Suspect,’ and many more. 

Many of you may even know him as the president of Oduataj Entertainment and CEO of Oduatah Productions And Entertainment, Inc. Plus; he even serves as a member of the Directors Guild of Nigeria. 

His hard work and passion for his craft have allowed him to be widely recognized and respected among his peers in the entertainment industry. During his career, he has been a part of official selections at the Hollywood New Directors Film Festival, Golden State Film Festival, Black Film Festival, Marina Del Rey Film Festival, and many more. 

Naturally, we reached out to him so that he may share some tips on how one can improve their screenwriting skills, including the following written below. 

Analyze Movies 

On the surface level, we all watch movies and pick out some things from them that could have been done better, or it had something we did not like, or the movie is horrible. But saying these things is far easier than coming up with concrete actions that could improve it. You need to have a critical eye to be a good enough screenwriter, so you must start watching movies to fix them effectively with workable actions.

Listen To Professional Screenwriters Analysing 

If you have never analyzed a movie before, it can always help to listen to professionals analyzing the movie first so that you can adapt to the way they see films. This is an essential step into your screenwriting career that will help you figure out the rights and wrongs of screenwriting and how you can improve your work. 

Consider Assessing Movies Outside of Traditional Hollywood Films 

Going outside the box and exploring new ideas is a great way to enhance your creativity and bring innovative ideas to the table. This will also help broaden your horizons and make movies that go outside of what your classic Hollywood movies are supposed to look like – making you one of the unique screenwriters in the film industry.