The best art shows and movies an artist should watch!

It does not precisely matter in which industry you are in; you get a lot of chances to learn about efficient ways that might be more effective than the usual education. If we talk about movies and TV shows, both of them have had a massive influence on people for decades. So why not try them out as an artist and see what you can learn? You might be able to enhance your skills and check out the techniques that would actually work for an artist.

For that, you will have to find the TV shows and movies that directly target the art industry. So let’s check out some movies and shows like that and see how good they can be. Just be ready to buy some streaming services on which you could watch those movies and shows without having any problems. 

The best art shows and movies for artists!

Let’s dive into the details and check out the best art movies and shows an artist should watch.

  1. Raiders of the Lost Art

Have you ever wondered how many art pieces can be sold? Well, the value can be thousands or even millions of dollars. Well, that is where the evil minds come in to steal the art pieces and sell them illegally to obtain the money. Raiders of the Lost Art is a TV-Series that focuses on something similar. It might introduce you to some of the best art pieces in the world, along with their artists. You can watch it on different streaming services. You might have to explore the telecom industry to find the best streaming service that would be affordable and good for your needs.

  1. Saving Banksy

Many people think that wall artists do not have values, and they just try to make wall graffiti due to having no actual work. Well, Saving Banksy is the documentary that proves it wrong. It should be a must-watch movie for any artist as it describes the value of an artist along with the work it does.

  1. The Art of Design

If you are looking forward to watching a show that does not focus on a single thing but the whole art industry, then The Art of Design is for you! It is a show that focuses on different illustrators, designers, architects, photographers, and much more for the work they did. You can simply explore all the different kinds of art that might be able to give you unique ideas.

  1. Nick Cave As Is

Finding a realistic approach to something can be very difficult sometimes. But with the documentary Nick Cave As Is, you can take a look into the life of an actual artist that has described the experience of doing an art project. The costumes, the production, color, sound, performance, and every other thing an artist would want to know about have been described in it quite beautifully.


So grab a tub of popcorn, a drink too, maybe, and start watching these shows and documentaries right away. You should be willing to learn new and different things, and surely, some of them might work for you, and some won’t!