June 19, 2024


Art Is Experience

The Flash Finale Ends on Quite the Cliffhanger

That was certainly not the Flash finale we ended up all hoping for. 

In simple fact, it ended even even worse than we anticipated, simply because we anticipated Iris to just nonetheless be trapped in the mirror. Not only is she nonetheless trapped there, but she may possibly have also just exploded herself into a million little mirror smithereens. We cannot truly be certain of what just happened to her, but she certainly did not get to reunite with her partner in advance of the time came to a close.

Of system, this is completely the fault of the pandemic, which shut down output a handful of episodes early, but that doesn’t make it suck any less for these of us who ended up hoping to see Iris escape the mirrorverse in advance of that neural dissonance genuinely took keep. 

At the very least Carver, the male responsible for this total mess, is useless thanks to Eva, the female who is also responsible for this total mess. But now Eva’s received the total environment thinking she was the victim of an intercontinental crime syndicate, and that her partner was the a person who rescued her in advance of currently being murdered by Sue, and it just feels like Eva’s not going to leap at the possibility to aid rescue Iris and Kamilla and Singh, ya know? 

Barry and the relaxation of the workforce did, at the incredibly the very least, master that time is of the essence in advance of the mirrorverse destroys Iris’ brain, and then we observed just how substantially hurt experienced presently been finished. She can now examine the screens that ended up beforehand gibberish, and then just as she was equipped to monitor down exactly where Singh need to be, her eyesight went all kaleidescope-y and she completely disappeared into a rainbow and we ended up left with a “to be continued.” 

So we will have to hold out a handful of months to locate out what happened, but we can make it. And if we cannot, we will have 6 seasons to rewatch on Netflix anytime important. 

The Flash airs on The CW.