July 13, 2024


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The Most Exotic Tours of India

The Most Exotic Tours of India

A land of colors, festivals, adventure and spirituality, India is the destination of the millennium. A huge country in size, India is the land of all seasons and varied landscapes. The natural beauty, culture, tradition and diversity captivate all types of tourists. This mystical land leaves the travelers spell bound and completely mesmerized with its enthralling and appealing sights.

Various tours to India are organized from adventurous tour, cultural exploration, pilgrimages to beautiful beaches and scenic mountains. Among these tours, North East India tours are gaining prominence. India is the land of enchanting hills and plains, expanse of green land and exotic flora and fauna. Some of the India include visit to Guwahati and other place in Assam, Shillong in Meghalaya, Gangtok in Sikkim, Darjeeling in West Bengal, Mizoram and Arunachal Pradesh. These places beckon with beauty and present the travelers with unforgettable experience.

The Bramhaputra valley, the tropical climate, the hilly terrain and the snow-clad ridges of the great Himalayas are the treasure trove of India. The simple and hospital people of these regions and the heritage of art and culture attract domestic as well as international tourists. India tours are organized for duration of few days to suit the requirements of travelers on long vacations or short getaways. These tours also include exploration of Kanchenjunga range of the Himalayas, Buddhist monasteries, rivers, Thimphu architecture and view of the Himalayas from Paro in the midst of vibrant lifestyle.

India with Bhutan and East India together make the vacation ideal and memorable. India give an insight into the rich culture and tradition of the country, where one can explore the fascinating architecture of monuments & temples and beaches with a rural touch. Some of the most popular tourist destinations in eastern zone of India are the abode of God, Puri & Bhubaneswar in Orissa, Ganga Sagar, Kolkatta and Buddhist Circuit in Bihar. The East India tours make one experience the cultural heritage of the country.

The India also include visit to Udayagiri caves, ancient temples like Konark Sun Temple, Jagannath Temple and Kali Temple, Mother Teresa’s Home, Victoria Memorial and Howrah Bridge. Moreover, these tours also include boat ride on the Ganges and Chilka Lake, and adventure tour to Sunderbans.

Tours to India have made it easier for the travelers to explore the rich diversity of the country. India has the widest topographical and cultural diversity, which makes it a lively place of visit. It is rightly said that there’s an India for everyone.