July 24, 2024


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Through Science and Philosophy to Religion – In Search of Wisdom by Mr FR Ansari

The author has nicely constructed the plot of one of the thought provoking intellectual discourse in his book “Through Science and Philosophy to Religion”. The author has started his discussion by highlighting the problems of human life which he has categorized between immediate and ultimate. According to him immediate problems are concerned with the day to day affairs such politics, economics and social welfare while the ultimate problems are concerned with humans and the universe. Multiple questions about the origin and objective behind the creation of human and universe and about the relationship between both of them have propelled in the brains of human.

According to the author Science, Philosophy and Religion are the three possible approaches to find out answers to these critical questions. In the next part the author has questioned the validation of science and philosophy as the optimum source of knowledge and he has presented multiple reasons to declare that, since within the parameters of scientific experiment and philosophical discourse the infinite universe is studied as an object by the finite observer whose mental capabilities are insufficient to deduce an appropriate conclusion to these ultimate problem. It would be unjust to classify scientific knowledge or philosophical discourse as the most favorable step to obtain solutions to these ultimate problems.

The author, in the concluding session, talks about religion in which revelation is the most important element. In religious transaction the infinite object itself casts its details towards the finite observer which is considered, according to the author, as the best source of knowledge.