October 6, 2022


Art Is Experience

Two legislature protesters berate Global News B.C. reporter Kylie Stanton; others urge demonstrators to get vaccinated

There were being lots of flag-bearing, horn-blowing pickup vehicles descending on the B.C. legislature these days to protest vaccine mandates and vaccine passports.

The drivers and their passengers demanding particular liberty to do what they want, notwithstanding far more than 2,600 deaths from the illness in B.C. due to the fact March of 2020. That involves 59 fatalities in the initial 4 times of February.

Quite a few of the demonstrators dislike the way the pandemic has been lined by the mainstream media.

So when 1 of these reporters was spotted in the crowd, she was chastised by two of the protesters.

A single lady asked World wide Information B.C. videojournalist Kylie Stanton how she “could slumber at night time with all the lies”. A gentleman with her shouted to fellow demonstrators that Stanton was a “propaganda artist”.

Following tweeting this, Stanton been given many messages of assist on her feed, such as from former Victoria news anchor Hudson Mack and former Vancouver information anchor Invoice Fantastic.

“Sorry Kylie,” Mack tweeted. “Don this senseless shit as a badge of honour and continue to be protected.”

Excellent, tweeted “What a finish JERK” In reaction to what Stanton endured.

Many others described the people shouting at Stanton as “scum of the earth”, a “bunch of idiots”, and “a pair of turds”.

But not all people was on Stanton’s aspect.

“You all are a bunch of liars,” a lady named Dana tweeted at Stanton. “They know it, and you know it. They are angry at you fellas for consistently lying about them. What do you hope? The group of persons you continously [sic] defame to welcome  you with open arms? Please.”

In Victoria, there was also a counter-demonstration to the pickup-truck drivers’ protest. You can see a couple of their tweets beneath.