Vladimir Kush Presents his New Release ‘In a Web of Bliss’

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updated: Mar 30, 2020 09:00 HST

Vladimir Kush and Kush High-quality Artwork current his new release: “In a Net of Bliss” Authentic Oil on Canvas (12” x 16”) & Confined Version on Metallic (eleven.25” x 15”) Version a hundred.

We are all applied to the impression of a spider lying in wait for the up coming sufferer somewhere in the corner of his community-world-wide-web. Imagine now a mellow sated one particular, much more very likely to be nodding off in a blissful repose than partaking in the drama of hunting for the flies: appear at him making the most of the sunset, placing his ft up comfortably in a hammock of a world-wide-web about which he toiled for the duration of the working day – an idyll! Evaluate this portray to an earlier get the job done by the artist – the Glow of Gold, where the spider’s world-wide-web is woven with the threads of human destiny. 

Observe also that “entire world wide world-wide-web” is a symbolic reference to the web – a community encompassing each individual factor of human awareness.

Kush’s model of Metaphorical Realism is an evolution of this thought method. His paintings are inspiring youthful artists and appealing to experienced writers and musicians, who incorporate his images on the covers of their releases and guides. Kush states, “I steadfastly feel that what I do is not only a model of portray, but also one thing a great deal much larger, quite common, and profoundly human. In the age of technological innovation and aspirations of artificial intelligence, the eureka second of metaphor continues to be inaccessible to the device. It will help us uphold and defend our humanity.”

Kush is one particular of pretty number of artists in the entire world to have 3 galleries of his individual, showcasing only his artwork, which includes paintings, bronze and silver sculptures and jewelry. Kush High-quality Artwork Galleries are situated in Las Vegas, Maui and Laguna Seashore. Check out his web-site at www.vladimirkush.com or speak to at [email protected] For the latest news and artwork, observe him on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Source: Kush High-quality Artwork