What Happened to Michonne in Her Final Walking Dead Episode

And so finishes Michonne’s The Walking Lifeless journey. For now.

In “What We Come to be,” the thirteenth episode of The Walking Lifeless year ten, Danai Gurira made her exit. Warning, spoilers stick to.

The episode featured Michonne having Virgil again to his island with the target of reuniting with his household and acquiring weapons for the ongoing war with the Whisperers. But matters were not what they seemed on Virgil’s mysterious island. Certainly, his household was there, but they have been turned. Virgil asked Michonne to set them down, and she obliged, but there have been no weapons…and Virgil was not what he seemed. Instead, when Michonne went snooping and found out Virgil had other folks on the island, he captured her and set her via 1 heck of a excursion.

Drugged, Michonne relived essential moments of her lifetime on the show, and hallucinated about what matters would’ve been like had matters turned out in another way. In her drug-induced excursion, she had visions of not conserving Andrea (Laurie Holden) and instead slipping in with Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and the saviors. Her alternate truth featured Michonne becoming the 1 by Negan’s facet the night he killed Glenn (Steven Yeun). She was later killed by Daryl (Norman Reedus).

Back in the serious entire world, she came out of the drug haze and escaped Virgil and freed his other captives, only to discover their way off the island was destroyed. Soon after sparing Virgil’s lifetime, and telling his other captives that permitting him stay would be much better for their souls, Michonne began raiding the lab…only to locate Rick’s boots. She identified much more of Rick’s stuff on a boat. Virgil claimed he had no notion who Rick was or Michonne was ahead of all of this, that it was all a coincidence. On the boat, which Virgil’s captives obtained functioning yet again, Michonne contacted Judith. She instructed her she believed Rick (Andrew Lincoln) was alive and Judith instructed her she necessary to go locate him if which is the situation.

“What if he needs you much more? What if he’s seeking to appear much too, but no 1 will enable?” Judith asked Michonne. Judith mentioned they took out the greater part of the Whisperers’ horde and they would be wonderful. So, off Michonne went to locate “the courageous person.”

The episode finished with Michonne, reverting again to her traveling self with two zombie companions. She then identified two humans who necessary her enable to arrive at their crew—a large team of folks going in formation. Remembering how Rick dependable her and let her in with his crew, she aided.

The Walking Lifeless airs Sundays, 9 p.m. on AMC.

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