July 13, 2024


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What is Digital Printing and What Are Its Benefits?

What is Digital Printing and What Are Its Benefits?

Digital printing is a concept whose time has not only come….it’s way past due. In this computer age of quick everything, it only makes sense that printing joins the ranks of services which are available on demand. Digital printing is not just a matter of creating an image on a computer screen and then waiting for a colour printer to generate brochures and business cards. You can do that in your own home.!

Digital printing services are full range services which are designed to meet the needs of customers in a variety of ways. But first you need to understand the basic definition of digital printing.

Digital printing is a computerized image that is applied to paper or other media directly from a digital file. There are no plates or film needed. The days of the lone typesetter setting letters in a printing plate are disappearing and almost gone. Instead, a brilliantly coloured digitized file is created which can be recreated in the same brilliant image on paper.

Obvious Benefits

There are some obvious benefits to skipping the labour intensive plate setting and film developing process. The first is time of course. But that is just the first, because there are many other benefits which you can take advantage of, and in the process net a high quality product in stunning crisp colour.

The set up costs of traditional printing methods have become more and more expensive, because they are labour intensive. You would think the costs would have declined due to technological advances, but the real advances have come through computerization and not through improvements in old processes. That’s why digital technology offers both stunning printing results and significant cost savings over the traditional printing methods.

Get What You Need and Not What They Make You Buy

Once the digital image is created, the transfer process is so simple you are able to finally only order what you want and not some arbitrary staggered limit. It’s aggravating for businesses to need 5,000 brochure copies and discover they have to buy 7,000 to get the real price break. It’s not only aggravating, but it’s costly to the bottom line.

But that is just the beginning of the benefits your benefits will experience with digital printing. Others benefits include the following.

· Ability to meet short deadlines
· Order when you need the specified quantity which means you don’t have to maintain large print material inventories
· Easy adaptation of company logos and other marketing designs so your final product looks exactly the way you want it to look
· Ability to make quickly make changes to images and print designs and layouts as needed without the changes becoming cost prohibitive

How many times have companies found themselves with a closet full of outdated brochures and pamphlets? In order to maintain competitive market status, you need to have a responsive marketing plan. That means the marketing print material must be easily adaptive.

Digital printing is convenient, but its real benefit is the high quality on-demand printing that results in brilliant and crisp images for your marketing materials. Your customers will notice right away that your printed brochures, business cards, folders and reports stand out from the rest….and that’s because quality always takes front row.